CampusPharma Health Projects

CampusPharma Health Projects

What are CampusPharma Health Projects?

We have chosen to cooperate with and support a healthcare clinic in Congo-Kinshasa as a part of our company’s social commitment. The clinic is in Muanda, a smaller town in the western part of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The clinic is called La Grace (which in French means “thanks to”) and is currently a functioning healthcare clinic compared with the prevailing social conditions in this part of the world. The clinic started in 1991 through the initiative of a doctor and entrepreneur by the name of Paul Mbonga. Initially, the clinic consisted of one room for consultation, a small laboratory and a couple of beds where patients could stay for short-term observation.

Despite considerable challenges during the 1990s, La Grace is now a smaller healthcare clinic with room for 50 or so inpatients and an outpatients’ clinic which receives up to 100 patients per day. The clinic has around 25 employees consisting of doctors, midwives, nurses and other healthcare personnel. Thanks to La Grace, many people have access to good Healthcare.

CampusPharma is mainly involved in assisting in the development and expansion of La Grace in various ways, such as investments in the form of capital and knowledge. There is a great need for well-functioning healthcare in this country and the clinic’s history leads us to believe there are good conditions for a new expansion in the future. A new clinic was opened in June 2015 and just one year later, most of the functions are in use. The new clinic is largely equipped with healthcare material from Sweden to which CampusPharma has contributed. Contact us if you would like to know more or help us by contributing! 

La Grace