We can help you to access unlicensed medicine

We can help you to access unlicensed medicine

Unlicensed Medicines

CampusPharma is one of the leading companies in the Nordics in procuring and distributing unlicensed medicines to patients with unmet medical needs.

When a patient have a special medical need, access to an unlicensed medicine* can be vital. There are many reasons why a specific medicine may not be available in your country. It can be a medicine:

-That is still in clinical development or undergoing clinical trials

-That has been discontinued or withdrawn in a specific country

-That is registered in another country

-That is not yet registered in a particular country

We can help you to access unlicensed medicine

For several years, we have systematically built an extensive network of suppliers in Europe and the rest of the world, which means we can source and supply unlicensed medicines where there is a medical need. We help to quickly and efficiently obtain the necessary documentation for unlicensed medicines we procure and ensure that all actions are taken in order for the patient to receive the drug as quickly as possible. We stock many of our unlicensed medicines at our distributor Tamro, which allows for easy ordering and delivery.

CampusPharma also takes direct contact with the manufacturer to search for answers to your questions regarding medical or other information about the product. If you want to know more how CampusPharma can help you, please contact us:

Dept Unlicensed Medicines
Email: licens@campuspharma.se
Tel: +46 31 20 50 20

*The licens is an authorization for a pharmacy to sell a drug that is not approved in the country in which the license application is made. An unauthorized medicinal product may not be extradited from the pharmacy until the MPA has granted permission