CampusPharma AB
Karl Gustavsgatan 1A
411 25 Göteborg

Telephone: +46 31-20 50 20

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Anders Stenström
Managing Director
Peter Joxelius
Director Original Business & BD
Pernilla Jäderqvist
Head Of Marketing
Nadereh Poorkhalkali
Safety Manager/LSO (Local Safety Officer)
Margherita D’Antuono
Niklas Leufkens
Nordic Sales Manager
Christina Sandberg
Key Account Manager Sweden West & South
Jeanette Gustafsson
Key Account Manager Sweden East
Anna Olsson
Key Account Manager Sweden Stockholm South
Amelie Ricksäter
Key Account Manager Sweden Stockholm North
Elselill Albrektsen
Key Account Manager, Norway
Kate Iversen
Key Account Manager, Norge
Nina Grönlund
Key Account Manager, Finland South East
Riikka Ruohonen
Key Account Manager, Finland South West
Anders Ulfwi
Head Of Logistics
Johan Helgegren
Product Manager Special Pharma
Monika Johansson
Head Of Economics
Janne Sandin
Digital Manager
Nadja Joxelius
Tender Manager
Sandra Joxelius
Product Manager Natalben & Postafen
Linda Numlér
Product Manager Womens Health
Anne-Sofie Hellstrand
Head of Regulatory Affairs
Frauke Weis
Quality Assurance Manager
Camilla Börstell
Regulatory Affairs Manager
Viktoria Kanas
Regulatory Manager
Aridj Ali
Responsible Person/Head of Quality Assurance
Anna Johansson
Sourcing & Supply Manager - Unlicensed Medicines
Barbara Celik
Marketing Assistant
Suzanne Andersson
Financial Assistent