Vaginal dysbiosis and infections: the importance of lactobacilli

Francesco Deseta
27 maj, 2021, kl: 20:15
Prof. Dr. Francesco De Seta, Italy
Gynekolog / Allmänläkare

The understanding of vaginal dysbiosis in the course of vaginal infections has grown over the last decade. Lactobacilli have been identified as an important benchmark for the maintenance of the vaginal flora. In this Webinar, Professor De Seta will show the importance of lactobacilli in the course of infections and will discuss treatment options to help maintain the natural balance of the microbiome. Which strains of lactobacilli can be used for the successful treatment, and what role do probiotics and antibiotics play in this constellation? Follow this webinar to get answers to these and further questions, that you can ask the speaker in the Q&A session upon the presentation.
  • Basics of vaginal microbiota
  • Vaginal dysbiosis and its consequences
  • Importance of lactobacilli for vaginal flora
  • Influence of vaginal infections on the lactobacilli
  • Treatment options using pre- and probiotics
  • Influence of antibiotics on the flora
  • Quiz
  • Q&A Session

Prof. Dr. Francesco De Seta, Professor for Gynecology and Obstetrics at the University of Triest, Italy