Overview of vaginal infections (incl. microscopy)

30 september, 2020, kl: 12:00
Professor Werner Mendling (Tyskland)
Gynekolog / Allmänläkare

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The healthy vaginal ecosystem plays an important role in the well-being of women. Disturbances – mainly due to infections – can negatively affect their quality of life. Professor Werner Mendling from the German Centre of infections in Gynecology and Obstretics will present the main vaginal Infections and their clinical characteristics as well as their diagnostic and treatment options. Microscopy slides will be included to visualize the diagnostic process.

Apptoved with 1 point of SGGG (swiss association of gynecologist and obstetrics)


  • Normal and abnormal vaginal microbiota
  • Most common vaginal infections
  • Clinical issues
  • Possible diagnostic challenges
  • Microscopy slides to visualize different pathogens
  • Treatment possibilities
  • Quiz


Prof. Dr. med. Werner Mendling
Specialist for Gynecology and Obstretics, German Centre of Infections in Gynecology, Helios-University Hospital, Wuppertal, Germany

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