Overview of Medinova’s clinical data and publications for the gynecology portfolio

26 november, 2020, kl: 12:00
Medicindoktor Valdas Prasauskas (Schweiz)
Gynekolog / Allmänläkare

(På engelska)

The vaginal ecosystem is a very established equilibrium that denies infections or other complications. However, if this ecosystem is dysbalanced, it can lead to different diseases that need to be treated medically.

Dr. med. Valdas Prasauskas will therefore give an overview on the clinical data as well as latest publications on two of Medinova main products in the field of gynecology: Fluomizin and Gynoflor.


  • Modern treatment options
  • Common treatment challenges
  • Overview on clinical studies and data for Dequalinium Chlorid
  • Overview on clinical studies and data for the estriol-lactobacilli combination
  • Quiz

Speaker: Dr. med. Valdas Prasauskas Scientific and Medical Department, Medinova AG, Medical Affairs International, Zurich, Switzerland

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