New BV treatment options

07 oktober, 2020, kl: 12:00
Doktor Phillip Hay (UK) och professor Ana Palmeira de Oliveira (Portugal)
Gynekolog / Allmänläkare

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Bacterial vaginosis is one of the most common vaginal infections. Dr. Phillip Hay from the St. Georges University Hospital will explain the signs and symptoms as well as the course of the disease and possible treatment options. He will discuss the importance of the vaginal microbiome and include different case studies.

Afterwards, Prof. Ana Palmeira de Oliveira will explain the importance of biofilm formation for bacteria and pathogens, how this mechanism is hindering effective treatment of bacterial vaginosis and she will give an update on new data regarding the effect of different antiinfectives on the biofilm in vitro.

Approved with 1 point of SGGG (swiss association of gynecologist and obstetrics)


  • Basics of bacterial vaginosis
  • Symptoms and clinical characteristics
  • Case studies and Patient cases
  • Mechanism of Biofilmformation
  • Importance of Biofilm for treatment
  • Treatment options
  • Quiz


Prof. Ana Palmeira de Oliveira
Professor and Researcher, University of Beira-Interior, Research Center of Health Sciences, Co-Funder of Labfit, Covilha, Portugal

Dr. Phillip Hay Director of clinical research, St. Georges University Hospital, London, UK

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