BV Infection process and treatment – new insights from bench to practice

Ana Palmeira
10 maj, 2021, kl: 20:15
Prof. Dr. Ana Palmeira de Oliveira, Portugal
Gynekolog / Allmänläkare

The course of infection during BV and other vaginal infections is of high importance for a better understanding and targeting of these diseases. New mechanisms are revealed constantly, and gold standard treatments need to be challenged on a regular basis. Most recent results on the virulence mechanism of biofilm have raised the question of successful treatment options. Professor Palmeira will highlight in vitro data on biofilm permeabilization and link those results to practice. Further treatment options of BV will be discussed and recent insights from premedical studies will be included. Afterwards, Professor Palmeira will be available for a short Q&A session.


  • Basics of bacterial vaginosis
  • In vitro data on treatment and infection
  • Mechanism of Biofilmformation
  • Importance of Biofilm for treatment
  • Translation of bench to practice – in vitro to treatment
  • Treatment options
  • Quiz

Prof. Dr. Ana Palmeira de Oliveira, Professor and Researcher, University of Beira-Interior, Research Center of Health Sciences, Co-Funder of Labfit, Covilha, Portugal

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